The Guide to Successful Long-Distance Real Estate Investing

You may have heard of investors who live in other states while owning rental properties in Massachusetts. You might have also considered inventing in Boston, but you don't live nearby. Being a long-distance landlord can be very lucrative for savvy investors, but it requires the right knowledge base that comes with some of the best Boston property managers.

In this blog post, we'll discuss everything you need to know about becoming a successful long-distance investor!

Long-Distance Investing: The Definition

Long-distance real estate investing means buying a property outside your home market or where you live. In most long-distance situations, the property is generally in a different city or state. However, any real estate investment in a different market might be considered long-distance.

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Anybody may utilize this technique, but we often see it with investors in high-priced markets looking for more affordable rental properties. Finding a good bargain on an investment house might be more difficult in your market, so it makes sense for property investors to seek areas where their money will go further.

Why Choose Properties Out of State?

It's now easier than ever to become a long-distance real estate investor. Plus, some of the best books for real estate investing suggest it can boost real estate investors' ROI if done correctly and with some expert guidance from a local property management company. Let's discuss some of the reasons why long-distance investing works.

It's Great for Diversifying Your Portfolio

Long-distance real estate investing, like all real estate investing techniques, has its level of risk. However, the inherent advantage of long-distance investing is that it allows for diversification. When you are no longer solely reliant on real estate inventory in your home market, you have the opportunity to locate the greatest bargains, no matter where they may be found on a map.

New Technology Makes It Easier

In today's real estate investing environment, technology can help you locate good properties in a particular region, partner with the right real estate agents, and research current rental rates for rental property. Even if you're hundreds of miles away from your investment, technology offers you the option to do your research from the comfort of your own home.

How Investors Can Succeed With a Long-Distance Portfolio

Investing in a market where you can simply walk around the corner to see the property may be a very different ballgame from real estate investing in an area far away from home. As a long-distance investor, here are some ideas for how you might help yourself develop a successful rental portfolio.

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Check Out Hot Rental Markets

If you're wondering how to get started in real estate investing outside your market, the first step is to select your next market. Of course, the ideal scenario is to find yourself in a hot sector with the following characteristics:

  • A population on the rise
  • Plenty of jobs and a robust economy
  • Great schools
  • Low crime rates
  • Demand for rental properties

Plenty of rental market information can be discovered by reading through the U.S. Census Bureau data. A local property management company can also help identify what local renters are searching for.

Find Experts in the New Market

After you've identified your target market, the next step is to assemble a team of local real estate professionals. At the very least, you'll want to hire a real estate professional that you can trust to assist you in locating the ideal property.

You'll probably want to find a company that offers property management services as well. Since you won't be able to visit your investment often, having someone who can act as a liaison if something goes wrong with your rental property is a good idea. A property manager can also connect you with local contractors and vendors to handle renovations or other projects. 

Look For Move-In Ready Properties

Whether you're only searching for a single house or attempting to establish a real estate empire as an experienced investor, if you're doing long-distance rental property investing, it's usually a good idea to concentrate on finding a turnkey property. In real estate, a turnkey property can be occupied as-is without requiring any modifications.

Simply said, investing in a rental house that isn't in your home area is easier when finding properties that are ready for new tenants and a property manager to handle the investments for you. 

Make Sure to Do Your Due Diligence

Long-distance investing becomes a lot like investing in your home community once you've narrowed down your search for potential properties. No matter where you invest, real estate investors must maintain a primary objective of locating properties at good prices that will provide plenty of regular rental income.

Partner With the Best Local Boston Property Managers

If you are searching for a rental property in a hot market, you should consider Boston, Massachusetts. CHARLESGATE Property Management has years of experience helping local and out-of-state investors make the most of their real estate portfolios. Reach out to learn more about our full-service property management and why you should invest in the Boston area!

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