Tenant Rights in a Condominium Conversion

houses-rentIf the owner of a building makes a decision to convert the rental units into condos, it is important that he consider those currently living in the building. Tenants have a variety of rights based upon city ordinances that protect them in this instance. We advise you to speak with an attorney if you are in this situation but here is a brief summary of rights pertaining to Boston.

Right of First Refusal to Purchase Unit

Those currently occupying the units are entitled the opportunity to purchase before anyone else. The terms must be the same or more favorable than those offered to the public.

Notice Periods

Tenants are entitled to a one-year notice before they are evicted for a condominium conversion. Elderly, disables, and low income tenants must receive a five-year notice.

Relocation Assistance

If a landlord evicts low or moderate income, elderly, or disabled tenants, he should provide assistance in finding appropriate housing to replace it. Additionally, if a tenant voluntarily vacates during the notice period, they may be entitled to a relocation benefit.

Rent Increases

During a notice period, rent increases are restricted to the increase of the CPI (Consumer Price Index) or 10%, whichever is less.

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