How Siding Replacement is a Good Investment for Your Property

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Whether you’re planing to re-sale your home or you just want to enjoy your place more, there is one very effective improvement that pays off at all times. It’s siding replacement. Siding is your home’s top layer, the skin that keeps outside influences from entering the depths of your house. It also looks good. But there is more to this. Siding may be crucial for your home improvement as well.

Look beyond siding replacement by reading my article. I’m going to share how this type of home improvement is a good investment for you.

Higher Price at Resale

Siding replacement can increase your home’s value. As I mentioned, it helps protect the building from outside influences and it also beautifies the overall appearance of the place. In addition, it can also boost its re-sale value. According to HomeMates Builders Chiswick, siding replacement is second on home improvement list. This means it is likely to boost resale value significantly and redeem nearly 93% of the price, roughly speaking. Next on the list is windows’ replacement and roof replacement, but they can return about 80% of the cost. According to the magazine, bathroom remodel is not as likely to recoup the investment as is siding replacement. Not to mention, remodel and future maintenance can be quite expensive. What buyers are interested to know is whether the plumbing system is okay and the property is warm. 

The magazine states that the only renovation project which returns higher costs is kitchen remodel. The truth is, some basic maintenance of the property turns out to be much more essential than a great looking bathroom. The basic concern of every buyer is that newly renovated kitchens, bathrooms and other parts of the house may require costly maintenance. That’s why most of them are not inclined to purchase a property whose interior has been greatly upgraded.

Therefore if you want to get a higher price for your property, you don’t need to make major improvements like bathroom fitting, kitchen fitting or house extension. Replacing your siding is enough. However, make sure you choose the right type of materials.

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According to remodelling magazine, siding replacement can help reduce energy costs. In the recent years there has been a trend towards energy efficiency. As energy prices keep rising, home-owners become more concerned about their bills and willing to look for other less expensive alternatives. It turns out that a standard siding replacement project can improve energy performance.

How does siding help boost energy performance at home? remodelling magazine says it can be used to insulate a property. Therefore, if the existing siding of your home needs replacement, you should consider installing rigid-foam sheathing, which will help to keep your home warm. The warmer your place is, the less energy required. This will improve your energy bills in the long run, according to remodelling magazine.

Home Protection

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, siding is crucial for every house. Its primary purpose is to defend the building against the different weather conditions. If the siding of your home is old, it may make it more susceptible to wind, dust, cold, rain, etc. Not to mention, as it ages, it becomes very unattractive and difficult to clean. This can be a reason for potential buyers not to seal the deal. On the other hand, if your intention is not to sell your home but rather improve your quality of life, ageing siding can be an ugly thing bound to be fixed. I can totally confirm that cleaning new siding is much easier than cleaning old, worn out siding, so you should definitely consider upgrading your house exterior.

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