Sell Your Rehab Property Quickly: Best Kitchen Renovations

Buying and selling property is still one of the most lucrative investments you can make in almost any neighborhood. From condominiums to single-family homes, property selling turns you into a veritable real estate expert. And it takes great marketing prowess to sell a property quickly in a competitive market. The kitchen is the go-to space for renovations to really pull in those buyers. Use some of these renovation ideas to get your bidding under way.

Reinvent the Cabinets

Replacing those old cabinets could cost thousands of dollars. Don’t fall for that old idea, but renovate with the doors as the main attraction. Sand and stain them a different wood color, for instance. Add new etching designs to the wood for a completely updated appearance. Working on the cabinet doors alone saves you hundreds of dollars. Even replace the door and drawer hardware to really spruce up the space. If your cabinets have no hardware — knobs or handles — add those.

Construct an Island

You may hear experts talking about a wide-open kitchen, but buyers are also looking for more counter space. If there’s enough room, install an island. These counter areas are perfect for an extra stove, sink or other accessory. They are relatively simple to install by professionals. The return on this island investment is practically guaranteed. Buyers walk in, see the opportunity for gatherings in the kitchen and extra counter space — and they’re sold on the spot.

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Mix and Match New Appliances

You just bought a property, but the kitchen could be straight out of the ‘70s. Those vintage appliances won’t help your selling pitch so consider replacing them. Dishwashers, ovens, microwaves and refrigerators should all match in color and style. If you can’t afford this renovation, buy sleek countertop appliances. Toasters, mini-ovens and espresso machines are inexpensive, allowing you to replace them quickly without much investment. If you choose an eye-catching color, such as stainless steel or bright red, these small appliances could impress buyers as they walk around.

Splurge on Lighting and Countertops

It seems everyone wants granite or stone countertops. You may have to splurge and give in to this long-lasting trend. Granite holds buyers’ attention as they walk through the kitchen. Make it stand out even more with under-cabinet lighting. Small, LED lights hidden under the cabinets illuminate the granite counters. Wipe the counter down and add only a few decorative accents to sell the kitchen. Save any extra granite materials for your next renovation adventure.

A sparkling kitchen can take the edge off an older property and entice several buyers to jump on-board.

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