Property Management Systems: Why Boston Property Owners Need One

It's no secret that effective property management systems have become an integral part of real estate investing. Successful property owners have realized the benefits of utilizing software and effective processes to make their lives easier and properties more profitable. 

Every real estate investor has different needs depending on their goals, but some everyday tasks are more manageable with the right technology solutions. For example, on-time rent collection and handling maintenance issues are just a few aspects of rental management that can benefit from the right systems. Today the best Boston, MA property management experts discuss why owners need an effective system to maximize returns!

A Property Management System Saves Time, Energy, and Money

You don't have to be an investor for very long to realize that a lot goes into the day-to-day running of a rental property business. It's almost impossible to scale your business without some help. That's why many experts recommend a property management system to get organized and streamline operations for better success.

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At the end of each month, property owners should be spending valuable time focusing on growing their real estate investment income. A property manager knows it's easier to do that with a cohesive system that makes it easy to track income, expenses, and lease renewals! If your basis for understanding rental management software is a service like Zillow Rental Manager, we're excited to tell you that the right combination of technology and workflows delivers a system that can help with more than rental listings and marketing. 

On-Time Rent Collection

One of the property management services that lend itself well to a system is collecting payments online. Online payments make it easier for renters to pay their rent, resulting in better on-time collection rates and consistent cash flow for investors. In addition, accepting several payment options through a secure online portal, such as ACH, credit card, and debit card, may help tenants pay rent on time. Plus, you no longer need time to drive to the bank after collecting rent checks every month. 

Better Maintenance Request Tracking and Response Times

Dealing with maintenance issues can be a significant headache without a good system in place. If you don't check your email inbox frequently, you are more likely to miss incoming requests for critical maintenance problems that need attention right away. If you manage maintenance staff or outside vendors, coordinating repairs with contractors and renters can be challenging. 

However, these issues can be addressed with the right rental management software. The best systems allow renters to request maintenance services through an online portal. With electronic tracking and alerts, rental property owners can receive requests as they happen and easily schedule repairs. 

Automate Communications to Renters

The foundation of an excellent tenant-landlord relationship is effective communication. Fortunately, management software makes it easier to communicate well with tenants.

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Property managers can recommend software that sends rental reminders, notifications informing you that a document must be signed, late fee notifications, and reminders of an expiring lease without you needing to do anything manually. Some property management software systems also help you quickly send an email, text, or notification through an app. In addition, the system stores reminders, emails, and other communications if an owner needs them for reference later. 

Access Documents Any Time

Instead of storing sensitive data on a hard drive at your home or office, a cloud-based property management software system allows you to access your information wherever you are. For example, if a tenant has a question about the rent amount or when their lease expires, or a maintenance worker has a question about a request, a property owner can access that information through mobile apps with a couple of keystrokes.

Bookkeeping Becomes a Snap

Property management software helps investors with tedious tasks like accounting and tracking income vs. expenses. Whether it's tracking rent roll for the month or recording expenses for supplies, the right software will make your life easier. Plus, your CPA will thank you when it comes time for tax season.

Improve Tenant Screening 

Finding potential tenants for your rental property might be one of the most challenging jobs for any owner. Software can help you list rental properties and screen residents more effectively to reduce vacancy times.

A Boston Property Management Company Can Do All of This (and More)

Many real estate investors find it beneficial to outsource the day-to-day tasks, including rent collection and tenant screening. While the right property management software can give you back some free time while maximizing returns, working with a Boston property management company is the best "system" to take care of rental management need. 

CHARLESGATE Property Management is ready to put our software systems, established workflows, and extensive property management industry insights to work for you! Our experts save property managers time and money with the best systems already in place to manage real estate investment portfolios for success. If you're looking for help to streamline any of the tasks we've mentioned today, reach out to our team soon!

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