How To Use an Eviction Attorney: 5 Tips for Boston Investors

The eviction process can be a costly and lengthy one. Without the proper legal representation, it's easy to make mistakes that cost you more in time and money than if you had hired an attorney from the get-go.

However, there are ways for landlords to use an eviction attorney to save money! Along with an attorney, a Boston, MA property management company can help you through the process to protect properties and income. 

Let's take a deeper look at the process and discuss five tips on how eviction lawyers could save you money!

The Eviction Process is Complex

What does it cost to evict a tenant? Unfortunately, it's hard to give a simple answer. The eviction process can be a complex experience for both landlords and tenants, so it's better to try and sidestep an eviction if possible. In addition, there are many steps involved in the process, and it can be easy to make a mistake that could cost you even more time and money. However, an experienced real estate lawyer who knows Massachusetts law can provide legal assistance to minimize the impact on your bottom line.

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Because of the complexity of most cases, it's hard to nail down an exact amount each eviction will cost or how long it can take. The cost of an eviction differs from one to another, depending on various circumstances. The jurisdiction of the eviction case could also make a difference. For example, a case in Boston could cost quite a bit more than evicting a renter in Sioux City, Iowa.

Property managers can tell you some of the following factors that may influence an eviction's cost:

  • If a renter disputes the removal, claiming discrimination or retaliation against the property owner
  • If a property owner tries to evict the renter themselves before involving a court or law enforcement
  • If the case requires layers of documents that must be filed with the court, which increases court filing fees
  • If a renter wants a jury trial. This will increase the legal fees and court fees for a property owner
  • If the case has to be expedited
  • If the tenant decides to appeal the court's decision

Because of these different scenarios, smart property owners should hire an eviction attorney who has experience handling all of these issues to save money on an eviction lawsuit. 

What Are 5 Ways An Eviction Attorney Can Save Money for Rental Property Owners?

Eviction attorneys can help you get through the eviction process faster and more efficiently to help reduce costs. Hiring an attorney will help you avoid expensive mistakes that could cost you time and money!

1. Filing the Case Early to Allow You to Fill the Vacancy

Landlords need to fill vacancies quickly after removing a tenant. An eviction lawyer can help with that by filing the case quickly so that you can fill the vacancy by having another renter in the queue as soon as possible. Eviction attorneys know what needs to happen next and can expedite the process for you. This allows property owners to reduce the vacancy times usually associated with evictions.

2. Fighting for Your Back Rent

If your tenant has fallen behind with the rent, it can seem as if they will never catch up. An eviction lawyer could help you negotiate with your resident to collect unpaid rent before moving out.

3. Helping Recoup Court and Legal Fees

An eviction attorney can negotiate additional fees like late fees and court fees to be paid by the renter. While you'll pay these fees to file the eviction lawsuit, your lawyer can help you get that money back after winning the case. 

4. Avoiding Filing Mistakes

Filing mistakes can be costly! Some of the most common mistakes property investors make during evictions are:

  • Failure to serve proper notice before filing an eviction lawsuit
  • Not filing with the appropriate court
  • Mishandling the service of summons with the renter

These mistakes can lead to significant delays in getting bad renters out of your property. They can even harm your chances of regaining possession by giving tenants extra grounds for claims against you. An experienced attorney can assess these issues and guide you through this challenging process to avoid filing mistakes.

5. Winning the Case

The best reason to hire an eviction lawyer is to win the case so you can remove the tenant, reclaim lost rental income, and get a new renter in soon! In addition, your attorney can ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible to save you time and money.

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Hire a Boston Property Manager to Help With the Eviction Process

Evictions are frustrating for real estate investors, but you don't need to navigate them on your own! If you need to remove a tenant and need additional guidance, consider hiring Boston property managers like CHARLESGATE Property Management Company to help! We also work with eviction attorneys to minimize income loss for property owners. With our property management services, investors also benefit from tenant screening to avoid potential issues before they happen!

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