How to List Rental Property (and Find Quality Tenants) in Boston

Finding quality tenants to rent your property can be a challenge. Property owners must attract reliable renters who pay rent on time, take good care of their property, and are generally easy to get along with. 

With a good rental listing, you can reduce the amount of time your unit sits vacant. You can also find better, longer-term tenants who make managing your property a breeze. That puts you one step closer to long-term success as a rental property owner

When you know how to list rental property the right way, you can reduce the hassle of bad renters and make renting out your unit simpler (and more profitable). In this guide, the best property management Boston offers gives you the best tips for creating rental property listings in Boston.

How to List a Rental Property

Setting up rental property listings seems pretty straightforward: write a few words, take a few photos, and post it all online. Simple, right? 

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While the steps for how to list rental property are somewhat simple, it takes some time and effort to do it well. You're marketing your rental property to potential tenants, so you need to craft the listing to attract the renters you want. 

Write a Compelling (and Honest) Description

Your property description is one of the most essential parts of listing properties. In it, you need to highlight the key features of your rental property while providing all the information a potential resident might want. 

To write a rental listing description, start with the basics. How many bedrooms and bathrooms? What's the square footage? Is there a yard space or extra storage? 

Next, think about what makes your listing stand out. Did you just remodel the kitchen or bathroom? Are there new or upgraded appliances? Help prospective tenants imagine what it would be like to live in this rental property. 

Finally, be sure to include information about the rental property rules and the application process. For example, what are your pet rules? Is the tenant responsible for any maintenance tasks (like cutting the grass)? How do they apply? What are the terms of the lease agreement

Remember to be clear and honest in your listings for rental properties. Don't oversell the unit by exaggerating any features. 

Use Professional Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words, so invest in high-quality photos for all your rental unit listings. You'll draw in prospective tenants who are enamored with the natural light, hardwood floors, or open kitchen—as long as your photos showcase the true strengths of your rental property.

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Low-quality, poorly-lit photos can turn away qualified renters or make it harder to get your desired rental price. If you still aren't sure professional photos are worth it, take a look at listings on top rental sites. Notice how your eye is drawn to the more professional photos with good angles and lighting. Your future tenants will be looking at listings the same way. 

If you have the resources, consider creating a walk-through video tour of the property. It's a more immersive experience that can really catch a prospective tenant's eye. 

Analyze the Rental Market

Since the rental market can change rapidly, it's smart to analyze it whenever you set up a new listing. This way, you'll have the best sense of the ideal rental rate for your area at the time you create the listing. 

Your rent amount needs to strike a perfect balance. You want a good return on your rental investment, but you also need to price the unit in line with current market trends to attract quality renters. 

Streamline the Application Process

For the best chance of finding good renters quickly, make the application process as easy as possible. Moving the application and background check process online can speed everything up for you and your future tenants. 

Share on Popular Rental Sites

When your rental property listing is ready to go, don't just post it on Craigslist and forget about it. Sharing your listing only on free rental sites might get you some good prospects, but it's worth the investment to pay for listings on highly trafficked and well-regarded rental sites. 

Get Listings Help with the best Property Management Boston Offers!

Learning how to list rental property to find quality tenants can be a challenge. If you're struggling to generate buzz for your rental property listings or can't find the right tenants for you, consider hiring a property manager! Property managers can help facilitate the listing and renting process, helping you reduce vacancy times while renting your property for a competitive price. 

CHARLESGATE has the experience property owners need to create compelling listings with professional photos. Our strategies help reduce vacancy times and place better renters, so investors generate better returns! To learn more about how we list rental units and our property management services, reach out soon. 

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