How to Avoid Eviction By Being a Great Salem, MA Property Owner

Being a rental property owner can be risky, but it's also lucrative if you have the best strategies in place. One of the balancing acts that property owners have to work through is finding and keeping good tenants and avoiding the lengthy and expensive process of evicting a renter.

Finding great residents and avoiding eviction proceedings aren't separate things. Savvy real estate investors can do both by putting processes in place to ensure their success. A Salem property management company can help rental property owners design and implement those processes to enjoy better renters and improve retention rates. Let's talk through some steps you can take to become a good property owner with excellent renters!

Good Rental Property Owners Start With a Thorough Tenant Screening

How long does it take to evict a tenant? Evictions can take months in legal proceedings, cost thousands of dollars, and cause a lot of sleepless nights. That's why landlords need to be proactive regarding eviction prevention. Unfortunately, nobody comes out ahead during the eviction processbut the good news is that avoiding eviction notices and bad tenants is possible with proper strategies. 

It all starts with a good screening process. A property manager can tell you that tenant screenings are not perfect or completely foolproof. However, a thorough screening process is still the first step in finding great renters and should be part of your process every time you need to fill a vacancy. 

A thorough screening process will help you weed out people who may have a history of evictions or bad rental habits, like not paying rent on time or a penchant for destroying property. 

Include the Right Steps

Property managers recommend that a thorough screening process should include:

  • A credit check. A credit check can help rental property owners determine whether a potential renter can afford to pay rent. Plus, this report shows if a renter is financially responsible.
  • Criminal history report. The criminal background check will show if a renter has a history of violent or illegal behavior. While property owners can't have a blanket policy of denying anyone with a criminal past, this report can indicate if a prospective tenant could be a potential risk of violence or ongoing illegal activities when living in a rental unit. 
  • Employment verification. This process can highlight if a renter is a job-jumper, which could signal they could become unemployed during the lease term and stop paying rent.
  • Rental history. If possible, talk to a previous landlord to see if there were any issues like defaulting on rental payments, property damage, or an eviction notice forcing the renter to look for a new place to live. 

These four items will help you determine if the potential renter will be the right fit for your property!

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Good Investors Foster Good Relationships

A renter is more than a monthly rent check and a name on a lease agreement. A good property owner will maintain a good relationship with tenants to help them feel valued as a resident. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when building relationships with your renters:

  1. Communicate. From the beginning, make sure a renter knows how to contact you by providing a phone number, email, and an after-hours number if available. If you use a property management company, make sure to deliver their contact information. Stay in touch with your residents, but be careful not to reach out too frequently to become a nuisance. 
  2. Be personable. You don't have to invite your renters over for a meal, but being friendly can help renters feel valued. 
  3. Stay professional. Always put your best foot forward, no matter how frustrated you get with a renter. When handling maintenance requests or other issues, handle them as soon as possible and stay in touch with the renter to let them know what's going on.

A tension-free relationship helps encourage renters to pay rent on time, take care of the property, and make maintenance requests right away. If communicating or engaging with renters is something you'd rather leave for someone else to take care of, a Boston property management company can handle residents for you! Professional property managers have systems in place to respond to requests quickly and make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. 

Good Owners Perform Routine Maintenance and Repairs

Successful property owners have a plan to take care of maintenance issues and periodic repairs. In addition to any immediate maintenance concerns, a property owner should also schedule routine inspections to spot potential issues before they become problems. These inspections and a proactive approach to maintenance help renters appreciate a well-kept home. 

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Be an Excellent Landlord With A Salem Property Management Company 

Most real estate investors are in this business to grow their portfolio over time and build wealth. However, the more doors you add to your portfolio, there more assistance you will need from a professional Boston property management company to manage renters and avoid evictions

CHARLESGATE Property Management conducts thorough tenant screenings and builds positive relationships with renters through our hospitality approach! Reach out soon to learn more about our residential property management services. 

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