An Owner's Guide to Listing a Newton, MA Rental Property

The process of listing your rental home on the market to find new tenants can be frustrating if your listing doesn't generate good tenants quickly. Before listing the property, real estate investors must ensure the house is in good shape, make renovations to attract the best renters, and set a competitive rental price.

Once you find new tenants, there are many daily tasks for a rental property to make a good return on investment. Many smart property owners turn over those duties to a Newton, MA property management company to list and manage rentals! Today, we discuss how to do all of this and more!

Prepare the Rental Property for Listing

Before listing your residential property, one of our best tips is to learn what Boston renters are looking for in a property. With these insights, investors have a better chance of attracting the best renters!

Some of the items you should handle before listing the property are:

  • Scrub the rental property from top to bottom
  • Replace anything that's broken
  • Slap on a fresh coat of paint from a neutral palette of colors that most renters prefer
  • Update fixtures and appliances
  • Stage the property to make it more attractive in photos

Taking time to do these things before taking photos or letting a new renter moves in can save time and money compared to renovating with residents in the property. 

Use High-Quality Photos or Videos

One of the most critical parts of listing your rental property is the photos and videos! Great photos can keep your next renter from scrolling past the listing, while bad photos won't cause anyone to stop and look closer at your property. Today, many listings include video tours of the property to help attract more prospective tenants.

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Remember, renters will want to see the interior and exterior of the house, so include both in your listing. Use a professional photographer or work with a Boston property management company to make your property look professional in the listing.

List Your Rental Property Where Renters Are Looking

An excellent place to list your property for rent is a local platform if available. When you advertise with local listing sites like Craigslist, it can be seen by renters in the Boston area who are looking for homes to rent.

Renters also look at other sites like Zillow and Trulia, where you can pay to post ads about your rental property. If you're not sure of the best rental property listing sites or how to gain access for your listing, a property manager can help!

The Right Title Catches Renters' Attention

In addition to quality photos, your listing needs a catchy title and description to reel in the best potential renters! Be sure your title grabs a renters attention by including words like "beautiful" or "unique." Also, use an adjective that will make them feel good about living at this rental property, like "cozy" or "modern."

A property manager will also tell you that your listing needs critical details, including: 

  • The neighborhood. Include a few words about the benefits of living in the area.
  • A compelling description. Talk about the home's features. Be sure to list everything that makes the home more desirable. For example, if the rental unit has a fireplace or outdoor patio area, mention it!
  • The monthly rent amount. Include the monthly rent amount, security deposit, and lease term in the listing. 
  • The perks of the property. Are you a pet-friendly property owner? Let potential residents know! More rental property owners say "yes" to pets because about 57 percent of American households have one.

You only get one chance to make an excellent first impression. Make sure your listing makes a good one!

Establish the Right Tenant Screening Process

When you're listing generates plenty of applications, make sure you have a solid screening process in place to find the best renter. A tenant screening process can help property owners avoid the costly task of evicting a tenant. A property management company can assist owners with a thorough tenant screening process. They also help landlords by providing a move-in checklist and a customized lease to avoid a lack of protection that can happen with a free lease agreement. 


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Set the Perfect Rental Rate

Setting the right rent amount is key to finding good renters and making the best return on investment. We mentioned including the monthly rent payments in the listing, but it's important to make sure it's the ideal amount for the property! Work with a property manager to run a rental marketing amount that helps reduce vacancy times and delivers great renters for your property.

Partner with a Newton Property Management Company for Stellar Listings

Putting a rental property on the market can be a daunting task, but we hope these tips help you find new renters faster (while reducing the potential for bad tenants and evictions). Consider partnering with a professional management company if you need help with property listings. CHARLESGATE Property Management offers property management services, including listings, tenant screening, and more!Contact Us

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