A Real Estate Investors Guide to Finding Educational Courses

Updated July 2, 2022.

A real estate investor's brain must be packed full of business knowledge, real estate know-how, and the how-to succeed in the world of real estate. There are many ways to invest in real estate, but there are also plenty of mistakes you can make along the way that might sabotage your success. That's why real estate investing courses and the best books on real estate investing are so important for real estate investors today.

However, before investing time and money in education strategies, some of the best Boston, MA property management companies recommend setting investing goals and identifying the best investment property courses available online. Property management companies can help you find a course that's right for you and help you manage your real estate rental properties portfolio.

Determine Where You Want to Go In Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing is a great way to set yourself up for financial success in the long term. However, before you start rental property investing, it's critical to consider your goals and how you want to invest. 

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Two of the most important decisions individuals will make when they invest in real estate are:

  • What do I want my real estate investment portfolio to look like? (and)

  • Where do I want to go financially? 

The answer to these questions will determine what type of real estate investments are the right fit for your goals. For someone's real estate investment portfolio to match their real estate goals, they must determine the amount of risk they are comfortable with.

Identify Areas To Target Your Learning for Improvement

Learning the rental properties industry can be tough, but it offers many opportunities to make money. From finding tenants and managing a real estate portfolio to dealing with repairs and maintenance, there are several factors of real estate investments that can prove challenging for new investors. 

Real estate investors can take a few steps to improve their real estate investing skills. For example, some savvy real estate investors might find that they are excellent at marketing and sales but not so good at keeping up with the numbers or doing maintenance work. Other real estate investors might be very detail-oriented and excel in bookkeeping but may need to improve their skills in closing real estate deals. 

The key is identifying your strengths and weaknesses as an investor, then finding ways of improving weaknesses. Find an online course to learn how to strengthen your skills. Online training programs and real estate investing books should help develop a wide range of abilities and strategies, like:

  • Investing strategies

  • Starting a new business

  • Marketing

  • Raising capital

  • Analyzing financial statements

  • Mindset and entrepreneurship training

  • Working with contractors

  • Researching real estate and understanding legal contracts

  • Tax and accounting help 

  • Negotiation tactics

If you're not finding the educational resources you need, a Boston property manager can point you in the right direction. 

Conduct Thorough Research Before Deciding Which Course Is Right For you

With many different real estate investing courses available—from those that cost hundreds of dollars to free—it's important to research your options before paying for something that doesn't deliver what you need. 

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Here are four things to think about before choosing a rental property investing course or buying a book:

  1. Make sure an online course meets your needs as a real estate investor.

  2. Confirm that the source is credible by looking at reviews or getting in touch with someone from the organization if possible.

  3. Ask other real estate investors or a professional property management company for suggestions. 

  4. Don't ignore the costs involved, but don't let this scare you off either!

Some of the best courses might not be free, but they shouldn't break the bank or fail to deliver the teaching they promise to provide. 

What To Look For in a Course

Real estate investing courses are popular with people who want to get involved in real estate investments. However, before you sign up for online courses or in-person conferences, make sure you look for these critical elements:

  • Proven systems that work

  • A dedicated teacher or mentor for the training sessions

  • Modern and up-to-date resources

  • Online tools to use during and after completion of the course

  • Live class options

It's not necessary for every course or training program to have all of the elements listed above. However, the most reputable real estate investing courses offer at least some of these critical aspects to attendees. 

Learn From the Experience of a Boston, MA Property Management Company

The real estate investing industry is challenging, and not everyone becomes a millionaire real estate investor. However, there are many opportunities for real estate investors to make money. It's essential to identify those skills and abilities that you excel at and improve in the areas where you struggle most. The right real estate investing courses can be valuable assets to your success! Talking with a Boston property management company can also help build your knowledge. CHARLESGATE Property Management has years of experience working with new and seasoned real estate investors! We're here to help you succeed. 

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