9 Lies Property Management Companies Like to Tell

Don’t be fooled by lies of other property management companies. Take a look at 9 statements you have probably heard in the past that are often not true.

Are these lies happening to you? It might be time to transition to a new hospitality based property management firm.

1. “We’re proactive”

Most companies will claim that they’re proactive when in reality they are reactive. They wait for something detrimental to happen and further react to it, whereas we take the proactive approach. Our routine visits to your property allow us to recommend preventative maintenance and implement if desired. This proactive method saves you money, time and lots of headaches in the long run.

2. “We promise to be financially transparent.”

Although most companies promise to use transparency when it comes to finances, it’s not uncommon for them to fall short of this promise. Using cloud based technology, owners can access financial and other property records and reporting at any time through the system. Whether it’s the price of a repair or your monthly financials

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3. “We provide reliable maintenance.”

Unqualified and inexperienced maintenance staff are all too common amongst property management companies. Our in house maintenance team is made up of highly qualified professionals experienced in investigating any issues, making repairs when needed and knowing when to report an issue that requires an outside vendor.

4. “Our vendors are the best.”

Property management companies have a list of preferred vendors that they hire. Oftentimes you have no say in who those vendors are and they may not be reliable, professional or cost effective. We differ from this by not only doing extensive research when choosing vendors, but also welcoming the opinion of the homeowner and using one of their preferred vendors if desired.

5. “We are always reachable.”

Communication is key in any relationship. Poor communication from your management company may be all too familiar for you. Poor communication can harshly weaken the relationship between the homeowner and property management company. At Charlesgate Property Management, we take pride in being reachable through multiple forms of communication – email, text, & phone call.

6. “We respond to emergencies in a timely manner.”

Needless to say, responding to emergencies quickly is extremely important. Many companies fail to do so. We urge tenants and owners to use our 24/7 emergency line and have a staff member on call at all times to promptly respond to any emergencies that occur.

Looking for a new management company in the Boston area?
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7. “We make frequent visits to your property.”

When PM companies fail to make routine visits to a managed property, it can have disastrous effects. We prioritize frequent and scheduled property walkthroughs and immediately report any found issues to trustees.

8. “We have strong ethics.”

Corruption and unethical activities such as withholding or lying about information are common in some property management companies. Charlesgate Property Management never compromises what’s right. We take pride in conducting business with honesty and integrity to ensure that everything we do reinforces that reputation.

9. “We practice efficiency.”

Having an efficient property management company is not just preferable, it’s necessary. Property management companies fall short of this Our priorities are focused on ensuring timely service, maintaining and improving the building structure and systems, and maximizing the property value. We accomplish this through knowledgeable professionals, state-of-the-art technology, and by offering experienced advice.

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