7 Ways to Avoid Evictions and Keep Your Tenants Happy

Updated March 25, 2022

Evictions can be a landlord's worst nightmare, and vacancy rates and turnover can eat into cash flow. If you find an excellent tenant, it's always best to keep them as long as possible. Whiles some renters leave because of a job or circumstances beyond your control as a landlord, other tenants move because they aren't happy with the owner or property. 

How can property owners keep residents happy and avoid evictions? A Boston investment property management company can help landlords find quality tenants and help improve renewals! Today we talk about seven steps property owners can take to avoid evictions and improve tenant satisfaction.

1. Keep Your Commitments

A straightforward lease agreement sets the stage for a trouble-free landlord-tenant relationship. Your lease should contain more than rent amounts and security deposits. The agreement should lay out who is responsible for critical responsibilities. In most cases, landlords handle repairs and general upkeep while residents must mow the lawn, take out the trash without letting it pile up, and report maintenance issues right away. 

Once those responsibilities are outlined in the lease agreement, make sure you take care of your responsibilities as the property's owner. You want to enjoy a trustworthy, respectful, and responsive tenant, and your tenants want the same from you. A friendly property owner who is attentive to their tenants' needs will go a long way toward building long-term relationships with residents that renew the lease. 

2. Give Outstanding Rental Property Maintenance Service

One of the biggest reasons tenants leave is a lack of excellent property maintenance. Maintaining the property and taking care of any maintenance concerns promptly shows residents that you are committed to high-quality care for the property. When renters see your example, they're more likely to take good care of your properties and follow the rules in the lease. 

Also, think about the little things that may need to happen in the future. Make sure your Boston area renters know you're aware of them and how attentive you are.

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3. Communicate Properly

Effective tenant communication is an essential tool in keeping renters happy. Renters choose rental homes managed by Boston area property managers because they know someone will respond quickly to any problems. It's critical to take your tenants' phone calls or return their calls within 12-24 hours, no matter what else you have on your plate. Renters also appreciate property owners that maintain pro-active communication about the property or services. 

4. Keep Rentals Safe and Attractive

If you've secured a long-term tenant, be sure to refresh the paint and have the carpets cleaned professionally every two or three years. Do everything you can as a landlord to keep the property safe and looking good for your benefit and the tenants. Renters are more likely to renew their lease when your property keeps them safe and comfortable! 

5. Avoid Big Rent Increase 

Property owners must be mindful of competitive rental rates and choose the right time and amount to apply an increase. Raising the rent too quickly or by too much can discourage residents from renewing their lease. While most tenants expect a slight increase with a new lease term, avoid taking advantage of good tenants by shocking them with a significant jump in the monthly rent amount. 

6. Make It Easy to Pay Rent

Next to a lease violation, not paying rent is one of the most common reasons why property owners evict tenants. So, making it easier to pay the rent can help a property owner reduce the potential for late or nonpayment

A secure online portal makes it easier for tenants to make rent payments without needing checks, stamps, or hand delivery to get it to you on time. Available payment methods can be something renters consider when it's time to renew their lease. If you don't offer it, but another property owner does, they might move for the convenience of scheduling online payments. 

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7. Remember Your Tenants are People

Your tenants are more than just a rent check! Listen to resident concerns and respond professionally to build good relationships with long-term residents. When tenants understand that they are more than just a way for you to make money, they'll feel more at home in your home!

Preventing Eviction Is Best

An eviction proceeding is both time-consuming and expensive. From attorney's fees when hiring an eviction attorney to guide you through an eviction lawsuit to housing court costs, hiring a sheriff to serve papers, unpaid rent, and repair bills, it can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to evict a tenant legally.

Meanwhile, you'll be losing money on your rental property until the courts and local law enforcement carry out the eviction process. So, what's a better plan than getting to the point of delivering a notice to quit? Find good tenants and keep them happy! If you're now sure how to implement any of these steps to avoid edition, work with a Boston property management team to keep tenants happy!

Property Managers Help Owners Avoid the Eviction Process

Happy tenants generate consistent rental income and help reduce costs to improve your bottom line! Let CHARLESGATE Property Management manage renters and provide eviction prevention strategies to help you make more money from your investments. Reach out to learn more about our property management services!

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