5 Ways to Make Your Building’s Entrance Shine

First impressions are important for everything from dating to property management. Taking a few moments to make sure this area shines is vital in making sure that potential tenants and condo owners feel at home the moment they walk into your building. Here are 5 great ways to make this area sparkle:

1. Warm Colors

Make sure that the area is inviting with warm colors that make people happy. Typically, beiges, taupes, and tans are all welcoming colors and can evoke a sense of comfort when people enter a space.

2. Minimal Furniture

Make sure the decor in the space is not overwhelming so that people have a nice sense of space when they walk into the building. A few places to sit and a table or two can be all you need.

3. Think Safety

Think about people being safe in your lobby – not just comfortable. Mats and carpeting are important to prevent slipping and falling. These can be both aesthetically pleasing and safe.

4. Have a Mail/Package Area

Having a set area for mail and packages can reduce this clutter and make it easier for inhabitants to find their delivered parcels. If you have the space, a separate area can help make this more orderly.

5. Think Security

A secure entry is important for both safety and making people living there feel safe. There are a variety of locking and intercom systems to consider to see what may be the best choice for you.

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