5 Tips for Staying Safe on a Roof Deck

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Ah, a roof deck in Boston in the summer, what could be better? Whether you are enjoying a stunning view or just a nice conversation with friends, it is important to be safe before anything else. These 5 tips can help you make the most of your roof deck experience while protecting yourself from injury.

1. Be aware of the capacity of your deck

Assess the number of people in addition to the weight of outdoor furniture and plants to make sure that you are not over the weight load for the deck.

2. Perform regular maintenance

Make sure that your roof deck is properly maintained before you use it each season. Hire a licensed contractor to do all work and make sure you have the proper permits.

3. Secure all furniture

Make sure that you nail down anything that is not secure or make sure it is attached in some way. Planters and small furniture could fly off in bad weather.

4. Follow posted rules

Your HOA will have rules in place to protect you from any hazards while using the roof deck. Make sure you note them and follow them – along with your guests.

5. Be safe (and legal) when you grill

If you are planning to grill on your roof deck, make sure you follow all the rules specified by the City of Boston. We also have some great grilling tips for you to help make your grilling experience better!

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