5 Inexpensive Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Rental Property

78186622 (Mobile)When the time comes to show your rental property, many property owners are working with limited budgets and don’t want to spend a lot of money to get things looking “perfect.” Unlike when you sell a house or condo, there is no immediate cash infusion from the sale. Thinking about this, we came up with 5 “quick fixes” that can add some appeal to your property without breaking the bank. These ideas can help get your property rented faster and for more money by just giving it just a little extra!

1. Paint

Just redoing the entryway to the unit or some trim can go a long way in improving the look of the property. Paint is cheap and the labor is not too bad either. Taking the time to update colors to current trends can help your place not look outdated as well.

2. Plant

Spruce up the outside windows with some window boxes filled with seasonal flowers or greens. This life helps add a softness to a property and shows that you care about how it looks. This will transcend into happy thoughts in potential renter’s minds.

3. Clean

Make sure that everything is sparkling clean. Pick up any loose paper, debris, mail, etc. from common areas and outside. Again, this shows you care about your property and sets you apart from others who may not be as good about it.

4. Decorate

Create a nice environment in your common areas through decor and art. Oftentimes, this is neglected in buildings and hallways can seem dismal. Adding a few pictures can create interest and make the walk to a potential renter’s new home nicer.

5. Light

Change all the light bulbs in your hallways to make sure that the areas are bright and well lit. Consider adding additional fixtures if the need is there to make sure that these areas are safe and present well.

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