5 Cool New Ways To Make Your Property More Connected

People today are more connected than they have ever been through the use of smart phones and other technologies. Not only do people want to be connected on the go, but they want their homes to parallel this ideal. Every day, new apps and gadgets are introduced in order to accomplish this. Here are some new ones that we think are pretty cool:

1. Misfit Bolt

Smart lightbulbs have become increasingly more popular because of their “wow” factor. But this bulb take it to the next level with the ability to control it on an app, energy saving properties, and more. Check it out here.

2. Skybell

This video doorbell works through wifi so you can see who is at the door immediately! You can speak to them and buzz them instantly (if you want to!) Great gadget that is easy to set up! Buy it here.


3. WaterHero

Although maybe not as cool on paper, this device can be invaluable for renters and property owners alike. It protects you from major pipe bursts and leaks by sending you an alert. Check it out.

4. Petcube

For animal lovers, this device can really save the day. Check on your furry friends when you are away from home and see what they are up to. Perfect for long trips or anytime you are away from them. Buy it here.

petcube graphic

5. Ecovent

Set the temperature of each room in the property separately using sensors and save on your energy bills! Great solution for room-by-room temperature control.

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