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Michael DiMella

Managing Partner

P.T. Vineburgh

Founding Partner

Todd Mikelonis

Senior Director of Property Management

Howard R. Miller, CPA

Director of Finance & Controller

Christine Mulvey

Director of Marketing & Communications

Joseph Laurano

Director of New Development Sales

Kelly Robbins

Director of Project Management

Lauren Shore

Operations Manager

Brian Bannister

Business Development Manager

Alana Garrity

Business Operations Manager

Rob Leavell

Project Manager

Christine Paquette

Client Services Specialist

Kate Cleary

Executive Assistant

Emily Ryder

Marketing Manager

Casey Patterson

Associate Director

Ross Orlando

Client Experience Manager

Yana BenMoshe

Senior Property Manager

Kelly Greene

Senior Property Manager

Sean McEvoy

Senior Property Manager

Maryan Abo

Property Manager

Dimitar Altiparmakov

Property Manager

Tyler Bates

Property Manager

Dominic Carlozzi

Property Manager

Cameron Lewis

Property Manager

Michael Rosenberg

Property Manager

Melanie Chen

Property Management Administrator

Ashey Pezzone

Senior Property Accountant

Sean Scanlan

Property Accountant

Hilary Healy


Sean Howe

Maintenance Manager

Patrick Anderson

Maintenance Supervisor

Gilson Brito

Senior Maintenance Technician

Americo Alves

Maintenance Technician

Stephen Bene

Maintenance Technician

Wafi Chouiakh

Maintenance Technician

Carlos Fernandes

Maintenance Technician

Donald Gonzalez

Maintenance Technician

Eric Gustafson

Maintenance Technician

Christian Osorio

Maintenance Technician

Joseph Sanchez

Maintenance Technician

Pablo Valasquez

Maintenance Technician

Benny Aguirre


Glenda Galvez


Nely Vasquez


Flor Hernandez Vasquez


Brenda Argueta Sandoval


Marvin Gonzalez

Concierge Manager

Katelynn Sanon


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